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Stereo Zoom Microscope It has high resolution with three-dimensional erect image. The microscope provides long working distance and is ideal for biological, geological, gemological and industrial inspection/assembly work.   « Previous Next »   View more
Travelling Microscope Heavy C.I. casted base with leveling screws. Base has fine machined and lapped guide ways for smooth movement of the horizontal carriage   « Previous Next »   View more
Illuminated Magnifier It is a general purpose lab. Magnifier using a 100mm dia bi-convex glass lens mounted on a flexible arm.   « Previous Next »   View more
Laboratory Pathlogical This is a low cost inclined tube monocular microscope best for junior level students of school. The inclined tube in a microscope add the advantage of comfortable viewing for long periods.   « Previous Next »   View more
Projection Microscope It is suitable for teaching and group discussion in the schools where low magnification of specimen slides are observed on the screen.   « Previous   View more


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Most suitable instrument for measuring degree of rotation of plane-polarised light by solutions of optically active substances like sugar solutions etc. The instrument is mostly used in colleges and laboratories.
  • C.I. casted heavy base with adjustable height stand.
  • Workable tube – length 200mm.
  • Graduated circular scale 0 - 360° (In single degree division) every tenth line numbered.
  • Vernier has least count 0.1° and rotatable with analyzer for measuring the degree of rotation.
  • Fine motion for rotation of vernier is provided by knurled head screw.
  • Analyzer and polariser are made of Polaroid.
  • Bi-quartz is used for shade system (half shade system is also available). It is workable on natural as well as sodium light.
  • Ramsden eye-piece 8x is focusable by hand adjustment.
  • The instrument is supplied with 200mm length polarimeter tube.
  • The instrument is packed in strong cardboard box.
Optional : 100mm length polarimeter tube & sodium light source are available at extra cost. Polarimeter has black stoving painted and chrome plated parts.
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The instrument has workable tube-length 200mm with the provision of sugar scale and sodium light source. This instrument provides accurate readings of optical rotation of solutions.
  • Aluminium casted rigid body at convenient observation angle.
  • Sodium light source is attached with the body.
  • Laurent’s half shade system is used.
  • Main scale is of glass graduated in single degree and every tenth line numbered, combined with sugar scale –0 to 30° and +0 to 110°S is observable by separate eye-piece. Vernier has least count 0.05°.
  • Polaroid analyzer and polarizer are used.
  • Eye-pieces are focusable by hand adjustment.
  • The light source is operated on transformer supplied with the instrument and is workable on 220V AC 50Hz supply.
  • Two number polarimeter tubes in 100mm and 200mm length are provided with the instrument.
  • The instrument is stoving painted and packed in plywood box with dust cover.
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This Polarimeter has workable tube length 400mm for more accurate observations.
  • Aluminium casted rigid and stable body with attachable sodium light source.
  • Main scale is graduated 0 to 360° combined with sugar scale -0 to 30°s and +0 to 130°s is observable by the separate eye - piece.
  • Vernier least count 0.05°.
  • Polarizer and analyzer are made of Polaroid.
  • Very sensitive Laurent's half shade system.
  • Three number cup type polarimeter tubes 100mm, 200mm & 400mm are supplied with the instrument.
  • The instrument is stoving painted and packed in plywood box with dust cover.
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