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Stereo Zoom Microscope It has high resolution with three-dimensional erect image. The microscope provides long working distance and is ideal for biological, geological, gemological and industrial inspection/assembly work.   « Previous Next »   View more
Travelling Microscope Heavy C.I. casted base with leveling screws. Base has fine machined and lapped guide ways for smooth movement of the horizontal carriage   « Previous Next »   View more
Illuminated Magnifier It is a general purpose lab. Magnifier using a 100mm dia bi-convex glass lens mounted on a flexible arm.   « Previous Next »   View more
Laboratory Pathlogical This is a low cost inclined tube monocular microscope best for junior level students of school. The inclined tube in a microscope add the advantage of comfortable viewing for long periods.   « Previous Next »   View more
Projection Microscope It is suitable for teaching and group discussion in the schools where low magnification of specimen slides are observed on the screen.   « Previous   View more


A low cost but having all microscope features is most suitable for elementary level students for understanding the essentials of a Compound Microscope and learn its functioning.


  • Base & Arm - CI casted horse shoe shape base on which the aluminum casted arm is firmly hinged. The arm is inclinable upto 90°.
  • Observation Tube - Having total length 160mm, at one end revolving nose piece with positive click stop is fitted.
  • Stage - Square stage 100mm×100mm with spring clips & an iris-diaphragm is provided below the stage.
  • Focusing - same above
  • Illumination - By 50 mm dia fork mounted plano / concave mirror.
  • Optics :- Achromatic objective 10x & 20x and huygenian eye piece 10x.

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  • Base & Arm - Heavy CI casted horse shoe shape base on which arm is hinged.
  • Observation Tube - Metal tube having triple nose piece at one end.
  • Stage - 110mm × 110mm stage with spring clips. A sub-stage condenser N. A. 0.65 with iris-diaphragm is provided.
  • Focusing - Coarse and fine focusing by separate knobs.
  • Illumination - By 50 mm dia fork mounted plano / concave mirror.
  • Optics - Achromatic objective 10x & 40x(s) and huygenian eye piece 10x &15 x.


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All construction & features are similar to Model Bio-M-3, having additional provision of movable condenser N.A 1.25 with iris diaphragm.
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