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Stereo Zoom Microscope It has high resolution with three-dimensional erect image. The microscope provides long working distance and is ideal for biological, geological, gemological and industrial inspection/assembly work.   « Previous Next »   View more
Travelling Microscope Heavy C.I. casted base with leveling screws. Base has fine machined and lapped guide ways for smooth movement of the horizontal carriage   « Previous Next »   View more
Illuminated Magnifier It is a general purpose lab. Magnifier using a 100mm dia bi-convex glass lens mounted on a flexible arm.   « Previous Next »   View more
Laboratory Pathlogical This is a low cost inclined tube monocular microscope best for junior level students of school. The inclined tube in a microscope add the advantage of comfortable viewing for long periods.   « Previous Next »   View more
Projection Microscope It is suitable for teaching and group discussion in the schools where low magnification of specimen slides are observed on the screen.   « Previous   View more


  MODEL ARR-12 (CAT NO. G-8908)
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A compact and simple to use instrument for measurement of percentage of sugar content in fruit juices and soft drinks with bean milk, lactic acid, beverages, sugar cane etc. etc. The pocket held instrument is very useful for field work. The instrument has all metal construction with optical glass prism, scale and other lenses.
The instrument has measuring range of refractive index nD1.300 to nD1.700. It has aluminium alloy casted regid body with attachable thermometer 0-50°C for measuring temperature. A sugar scale with 0-95% reading is provided in the instrument. Standard plate made of glass having 1.509 refractive index and contact solution for standardization is also supplied with the instrument.
Instrument is stoving painted and packed in polished plywood cabinet with lock and key & dust cover.
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