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Stereo Zoom Microscope It has high resolution with three-dimensional erect image. The microscope provides long working distance and is ideal for biological, geological, gemological and industrial inspection/assembly work.   « Previous Next »   View more
Travelling Microscope Heavy C.I. casted base with leveling screws. Base has fine machined and lapped guide ways for smooth movement of the horizontal carriage   « Previous Next »   View more
Illuminated Magnifier It is a general purpose lab. Magnifier using a 100mm dia bi-convex glass lens mounted on a flexible arm.   « Previous Next »   View more
Laboratory Pathlogical This is a low cost inclined tube monocular microscope best for junior level students of school. The inclined tube in a microscope add the advantage of comfortable viewing for long periods.   « Previous Next »   View more
Projection Microscope It is suitable for teaching and group discussion in the schools where low magnification of specimen slides are observed on the screen.   « Previous   View more


  • 175mm dia scale graduated in 0-360° and telescope attached vernier has least count 0.1°. The scale is independently rotatable through 180° and can be locked in any desired position.
  • Telescope is mounted on movable pillar has coarse and fine adjustment, locking screw and axis adjustment.
  • Achromatic objective has 175mm focal length and 25mm dia is focusable by helical motion. Vernier reading to 0.1° is fixed on the telescope arm.
  • The telescope is provided with 8x ramsden eye-piece with cross line graticule.• Collimator mounted on fixed pillar of the base with axis adjustment. Achromatic objective dia 25mm and focal length 175mm is fitted in the collimator.
  • Collimator has helical focusing and slit at the one end.
  • 75mm dia prism table with lines marked to assist placement of prism. The prism holder can accommodate prism upto 38mm high. It has screwed holes to accommodate prism or grating holder.

  • Metal casted base properly machined has three leveling screws.
  • Main scale dia 150mm is graduated in 360° and fixed on the same table that of telescope so that it moves with the telescope.
  • Double ended circular verniers reading to one minute of the arc. Both telescope and vernier have fine adjustment screws and release of the clamping screw enabling coarse adjustment to be made by hand.
  • Telescope has rack and pinion focusing. Achromatic objective dia 25mm and focal length 178mm is fitted in the telescope. A ramsden eye-piece 10x with cross line graticule is also provided.
  • Collimator is fixed on the pillar fitted on the base. It has a fine adjustable slit which is focusable by rack and pinion motion. An achromatic objective dia 25mm and focal length 178mm is also provided in the collimator.
  • Prism table adjustable in height has a clamping screw on its side which fixed the table to the verniers. The table moves with the vernier and is marked witprism. It has interchangeable clamping units for prism and diffraction grating.
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